Shipping Policy


Salon is a marketplace for those selling goods within the health and beauty business.

Everyone who sell at Salon keep their own terms, on shipping and delivery. Some of the vendors offer free shipping and in that case it is written by the product sold from the seller / shop.

Most of the time, you need to investigate how shipping is charged for each product, but if in doubt you can contact directly with support, via chat or email.

Following applies for our biggest vendor - Salon AS:

All major inventory products are sent directly from central warehouses in Poland. Most small items are shipped from our warehouse in Norway. Large shipments from Poland are delivered according to Incoterms 2010 DAP - Delivered At Place (the seller pays the cost to the destination before the unloading has taken place), where you as a buyer have paid for shipping and VAT in advance if delivery is to Norway.

Products are delivered to the address on the sidewalk, outside the premises where a truck can drive up to the site and personell will not carry goods up stairs, into houses or similar. The truck has to be able to park legally correct outside your location in order for goods to be delivered just outside your location.

Please note that we can never provide warranty on delivery time as there are many factors that are beyond our control, such as how long processing time is in customs and similar. As a rule, you will receive items delivered about 2 weeks after we have shipped goods from stock in Poland. When we say about 2 weeks, it's about and there may be variations in both directions, ie it takes longer or shorter time.

Goods are shipped from foreign warehouses once a week, usually on Fridays, however, there may be exceptions and sometimes we will send other days. There is no guarantee on the delivery date. There may be delays and we may in no way be liable for delays in shipping companies or if it is temporarily empty of the item you order from us.

When big itmes are delivered to professionals, they will be delivered in the hours 8:00 - 16:00 without shipping companies calling in advance. If no one is present when goods are to be delivered, goods will not be delivered. There may be additional costs due to a new delivery.

Small packages are sent with the Post Norway or similar and must be collected at your nearest post office.

We always try to send products at the lowest price possibel. Shipping price always applies to the order and is in case of big items which are more than 35 kg and bigger than 120x60x60 cm - calculated after we recieve the order and added to your order. You have the right to ask for shipping price ahead ordering your products and in that case simply contact us through chat.

In case of big items you can pickup at our stock location in Fredrikstad in Norway. You can also arrange your own transport for pickup at stock locations. In such case you need to inform about it when ordering your products.

Please contact us if you are in doubt as to what is applicable to shipping.

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