Return Policy


Return Policy at Salon

Salon does sell to both professionals and individuals. Some of our items are only meant for professionals and are not being sold to individuals.

Being a professional actor you must register with an organization number and then be able to shop goods meant for professionals and in many cases at a lower price.

Return Policy Individuals

Return Policy for Individuals. According to regulations you should find a cancellation form at each and every shop at Salon Marketplace or at their information page and / or the terms of the salon. Some stores sell only to professionals and others to both professionals and individuals. Make sure that you know your rights in terms of cancellation and or returns.

Return Policy Professionals

The following is a general rule applying on sales to professionals. Every shop at Salon is responsible for sales to professionals and there may be different rules from store to shop. Be aware that you are responsible to read terms and conditions which apply in each and every shop you shop at on Salon Marketplace.

Please note that the same rules apply to complaints for businesses as individuals. Everything billed to businesses is business purchase.

It is the carrier's responsibility if damage occurs during transport, if there are visible damage to the package, inform the driver and contact the shipping company immediately. We recommend taking pictures. This applies regardless of who supplies your goods, PostNord, Bring Norway, or anyone else.

Once you have received a product, you must check the shipment carefully, both for damage and missing items. Immediately let us know if there is a defect or lack of product. You as a customer must contact us immediately. All complaints on professional purchases must be made within 8 days of receipt of goods. Electrical articles have 6 months' notice regarding complaint on purchase.

In general different terms apply with different shops on the marketplace and you always need to verify that you have read terms and agreement with each and every shop you purchase from. It is your responsibility, not to verify that you have read terms unless you have read terms and agreement of shops you purchase from.

If you need repair or spare parts for machines purchased from Salon AS then you will have to pay for such cost yourself.

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